Car body types: Some of the famous car body designs

Creating a stylish body structure for the car is just as important as, how to make a better technical featured car. Because the body style or design is an important Index for every people who are planning to buy a new or second-hand car.

Nowadays we can see a lot of car body types present in the automotive market. But a few years ago, when thinking about a car, the only picture that comes into the mind of the majority of people will be a form of a sedan.


Here are some of the major car body types that can be seen in the market now



It is a passenger car with 4 doors and 2-row seats. It is capable of carrying a maximum of 5 passengers including the driver and has good luggage space as well.

It is called a 3-box configuration or design. Because it looks like a combination of 3 boxes if looking from the side.

We can list it as the following;

   Front- Engine compartment
   Middle- Passenger compartment
   Rear- Luggage/ Cargo compartment

It is a lengthy car and has a larger wheelbase. It provides better cabin space and comfort for passengers. The larger wheelbase improves the steering performance also.

Because the larger wheelbase increases the turning radius. So it needs a larger area while taking a U-turn. Its lengthy size creates a few difficulties while driving through traffic.

It provides a separate luggage space and it is spacious. The disappointing thing about the luggage space is its height.

Altogether a sedan is suitable to use as a family car. Almost taxi cars are sedans. The economy-type sedan cars use the front-wheel-drive and the luxury type uses all-wheel-drive systems.
Eg: Honda City, Corolla Altis


It is a small car with 4 or 2-door models and 2-row seats, and the rear door opens upward. It is called a 2 box design or configuration. Here the cargo space is integrated with the passenger compartment.

Compared to the sedan, it provides a lower wheelbase, which helps to decrease the turning radius. It helps in traffic and in u-turns.

It has higher ground clearance than a sedan. The luggage area is not enough spacious but has hight than the sedan.

Eg: Swift, Volkswagen polo

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

SUVs are designed for both on-road and off-road use and are often offered with 4-wheel drive. It provides higher ground clearance and seat height.

It is comfortable for long drives, so it uses better-advanced technologies in all areas like engine, gearbox, and suspension systems.

Eg: Ford endeavour, Toyota Fortuner


We can call it the combination of both SUVs and hatchbacks. Because It has the compactness of the hatchback and a higher wheelbase like SUVs. But these are only useful for light off-roading purposes.

Eg: Suzuki s-cross, Toyota Etios cross

MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)

It mainly focuses on families with more members. So MPVs try to provide more space for the passenger cabin and luggage space.

It usually provides a 3-row seating position that can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

Eg: Toyota Innova Crysta 


These are attractive, stylish, sporty, and aerodynamic-type body designs. It has a lengthy bonnet and sloping roofs which gives a sporty look.

Normally it has 2 doors and a single-row seat but some of them have a row of seats in the rear as well. Its ground clearance is very low which improves the steering performance.


Almost all sports cars are made up of this body style because it has all the properties of a sports car-like aerodynamic nature, lower ground clearance, and sporty looks.

Eg: BMW I8


A convertible is a body style with a foldable roof. So it provides an open-air driving experience and the option to provide a roof when required.

There are two types of convertible roofs,
✓ Hardtop convertible roofs are made of hard materials like metals and plastic.
✓ Soft-top convertible roofs are made of soft materials like cloth.

Eg: Range  Rover Evoque
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