MacPherson strut explained; The pros and cons of MacPherson strut

The MacPherson strut is one of the most widely used front suspension systems in cars. One such system was invented by Earle S MacPherson, an American automobile engineer.

This article will give you an idea of ​​the MacPherson suspension system, its components, and its advantages and disadvantages.


Components of Macpherson strut

The following are the main components of a MacPherson strut suspension system,

1. Hub Carrier ( Knuckle )

As the name implies the wheel hub is carried by the hub carrier or knuckle. The MacPherson strut suspension system is commonly used in front-wheel drive vehicles. When the steering wheel is rotated, the front wheel turns accordingly. That is, the wheel turns when the wheel hub assembly is turned.

That is, this part called the hub carrier or knuckle helps to turn the wheel. This is possible because the knuckle is connected with the tie rod of the steering system.

Also, the top end of the knuckle is connected to the strut and the bottom end is attached to the control arm.

2. Control arm (  Lower control arm )

The lower control arm connects the knuckle to the frame of the vehicle.  one end of the control arm connects the knuckle using a ball joint. The knuckle can be turned freely as it is connected by a ball joint.

The other end of the control arm is connected to the frame of the vehicle, like hinges placed in a door. So the control arm can move up and down. It improves the stability of the vehicle when moving through rough surfaces.

3. Strut

This is actually a damper or shock absorber, it absorbs the road shock. The strut is placed inside a coil spring,  these are arranged in such a way that, when the strut compresses the coil spring also compresses. The top end of the strut attaches to the body of the vehicle and the bottom end is connected to the knuckle.


Advantages of MacPherson strut

   Manufacturing costs and maintenance costs are relatively low, because of their simple design.
   The whole assembly needs very low space

The disadvantage of the Macpherson strut

   This system adversely affects Wheel alignment, which makes difference in camber angle.
   It is suitable only for unibody structure.
   Cannot be used on off-road vehicles, strut's movement is minimal.

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