Do cold air intake system increase horsepower: The pros and cons of cold air intake system

Many of us try to improve the look, sound, and performance of the vehicle by making various modifications in addition to the specifications provided by the company. 

The cold air intake system is like that, it is an aftermarket modification to improve the efficiency and power output of a vehicle.


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The theory behind the cold air intake system

Oxygen is required to burn fuel in the engine, this oxygen comes from the atmospheric air. As more oxygen reaches the combustion chamber, more fuel can be burned in the combustion chamber to increase engine efficiency.

The cold air intake system is used as a means of transporting more oxygen to the combustion chamber.

We know that the heat generated during engine operation spreads around the engine, causing the temperature of the surrounding air to rise.  

This increases the density of oxygen in the air, and when a certain amount of air is taken in, the amount of oxygen here will be low compared to normal conditions.

In such a case, if air near the engine enters the combustion chamber, the amount of oxygen in it will be low, which will adversely affect the efficiency of the engine.

Therefore, by replacing the air filter assembly a little further away from the engine, relatively cold air can be delivered into the cylinder. Since the density of cold air is lower than that of hot air, the number of oxygen molecules it contains is higher.

In this way, more oxygen can be pumped into the engine to improve engine efficiency, this system can be called a cold air intake system.

The main components of a cold air intake system

The main parts of this system are a long air intake pipe and a performance air filter.

In this, the long pipe helps to bring air from the distance. The performance air filter allows more air to pass through, It is usually made of materials such as cotton, which does not impose too many restrictions on airflow.

Usually, a cold air intake system does two things

   It absorbs relatively cold air far away from the engine.
   Its performance air filter increases the airflow.

Advantages of the cold air intake system 

   This increases engine efficiency, thereby improving the power output.
   It gives the engine cabin an attractive look.
   The difference in airflow improves engine sound and provides a sporty sound.


Disadvantages of the cold air intake system 

   It is very expensive. 
   Not all vehicles may have a positive result, efficiency only improves when it absorbs relatively cold air compared to normal air filter arrangement.

The snorkel used in off-road vehicles and trucks uses the cold air intake system principle. In off-road vehicles, snorkel prevents prevent water from entering the engine.

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