How to reduce petrol cost? Does the driving style affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle?

We know that the price of petrol is going up day by day. Going forward, the only way to overcome this is to reduce the use of petrol. By making some changes in our driving style we can reduce fuel consumption in a small way.


Some ways to reduce fuel costs

The mode of driving affects the mileage of the vehicle, whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. So let’s take a look at some of the driving errors that affect the fuel efficiency of a vehicle.

 ✓ Smooth driving: Smooth driving increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Sudden acceleration and braking reduce the mileage of the vehicle. That is, rough driving adversely affects the vehicle's fuel efficiency.

 ✓ The speed of the vehicle: Driving above 60 km per hour consumes more fuel. Traveling at 40 km / h speed is 40% more fuel-efficient than traveling at 80 km / h speed. As the speed increases, so does the air pressure.

 ✓ Proper gear shift: Failure to drive the vehicle in the correct gear also affects fuel efficiency. Trying to drive in a small gear without changing gears at the right time reduces fuel efficiency. So try to drive the vehicle in the highest gear possible.

 ✓ Maintain proper tire pressure: If there is not enough air in the tire, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle decreases. In such cases the friction between the tire and the road increases, which affects not only the life of the tire but also the mileage of the vehicle. So make sure the tire pressure is correct.

 ✓ Use the clutch only as needed: Press the clutch only in cases where a gear shift is required. Do not drive with your foot on the clutch, This not only damages the clutch lining but also causes energy loss due to overheating. Avoid using the half-clutch as much as possible.


 ✓ Make sure there is no leak: Check to see if fuel is leaking anywhere. Service the vehicle at regular intervals, Mainly checking the quality of the engine oil and air filter.

 ✓ Avoid overload: Be careful not to put on too much weight. Fuel efficiency increases as the weight of the vehicle decrease.

Paying attention to some of these little things increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle to some extent. And the right driving style will always benefit us and the vehicle.

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