Water drops coming from exhaust pipe

You may have noticed water droplets in the exhaust pipe when you start the vehicle in the morning. Why is this happening?. Does this indicate any problem with the vehicle?


The engine produces energy as a result of the burning of fuel inside the cylinder. Whether it is petrol or diesel, the vehicle runs on the energy produced by the combustion of fuel.

The presence of oxygen is required for any object to burn. The fuel in the engine burns with the help of oxygen. This results in the formation of carbon dioxide and water.

Whether it is petrol or diesel, the main components of these both are hydrocarbons. Therefore, when they react with oxygen, carbon dioxide and water are formed. These come out through the exhaust system.

The water inside the engine does not come out in liquid form but comes out as steam instead. When steam enters the relatively cold exhaust pipe, it condenses and water droplets form. That is why when the vehicle starts in the morning, water drops come out of the exhaust pipe.

The catalytic converter is an important part of the exhaust system. It is used to control harmful gases coming out of the engine. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons are harmful gases emitted from the engine.


When the fuel inside the engine does not burn completely, the hydrocarbons come out as exhaust. One of the functions of a catalytic converter is to convert hydrocarbon, which is harmful to nature, into carbon dioxide and water. The resulting water also contributes to the presence of water in the exhaust pipe.

This does not always happen, it only happens when the exhaust pipe is in cold condition. This is not a problem for the vehicle, but it shows that the vehicle is in good condition.
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