Why air filters are used in vehicles?

Why air filters are used in vehicles? What happens if the air filter is not maintained properly?

Why air filters are used in vehicles?

The engine produces energy as a result of the burning of fuel inside the cylinder. Whether it is petrol or diesel, the vehicle runs on the energy produced by the combustion of fuel.

The presence of oxygen is required for any object to burn. The fuel in the engine burns with the help of oxygen.  atmospheric air is used for this. In a four-stroke engine, the vacuum or pressure depression inside the cylinder during the suction stroke allows the atmospheric air to enter the engine.


When more air is pumped into the cylinder, more fuel can be burned to produce maximum energy. Superchargers and turbochargers are used for this purpose.

But atmospheric air can contain a lot of dust particles. This can cause engine parts to be damaged. Therefore the dust particles in the atmospheric air need to be removed. The role of the air filter is to filter the air coming into the engine.

What happens if the air filter is not maintained properly?

If the air filter is not maintained properly it will adversely affect the airflow. When there is not enough air inside the engine it causes incomplete combustion. Thus fuel is wasted, reducing vehicle mileage, reducing power output, reducing acceleration, and causing black smoke.

Modern fuel injection vehicles use a sensor called the mass airflow sensor. It measures the quantity of air passing through the air filter. The signal is fed to the ECU and the ECU controls the fuel supply. That is, it maintains the air-fuel ratio, thereby preventing fuel wastage and completing combustion.


It can not be seen as a complete solution because it does not get the performance specified by the vehicle. Also, if the mass airflow sensor is damaged for any reason, it may cause all of the above-mentioned problems.

To maintain the air filter properly. That is, clean the air filter at regular intervals and replace it when the time to replace it.
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