Air suspension system basics; Pros and Cons of air suspension system

Everyone knows the importance of a suspension system in a vehicle. The suspension system minimizes road shocks and helps passengers to travel smoothly. In addition, the road shock suspension system degrades, reducing the wear and tear of the suspension components and thus extending their life.


Vehicles use a variety of suspension systems, one of which is the air suspension system. In this article, we will learn about air suspension and its pros and cons.

Air suspension system

Air suspension is a type of suspension that can be used in all types of vehicles such as cars, buses, and trucks. Unlike other systems, the main part is an air spring, which is a nylon reinforced rubber bag.

It expands when filled with air and contracts when released, just like a balloon. But it does not burst like a balloon, it is made strong and durable. There are two types of air springs, convoluted type, and rolling lobe type.

There is an air management system to supply air to this air spring. Let us see what are the major components of an air management system,

1. Air compressor

Its function is to produce the compressed air needed to fill the air spring. It can be either a compressor running on the engine drive or a separate electric compressor.

2.  Storage bag

Compressed air is stored in this storage bag.

3. Valves

Used to control the airflow to the air spring.

4. Air drier

The air drier helps to remove the moisture content in the compressed air.

5. Hight sensors

In vehicles with air suspension, their body can be raised and lowered. In this way, the sensors help to understand the height of the suspension.

6. Electronic control unit

This is an electronic system that controls the entire suspension system.

Advantages air suspension

   Provides comfortable riding.
   Ideal for carrying breakable loads.
   The riding height can be raised and lowered as needed. There is even an adaptive air suspension system, which automatically adjusts the height according to road condition and speed.
   Other suspension systems may reduce the riding height of the vehicle during loading. But, there is a solution in vehicles that use air suspension, and this problem can be solved by filling the air as needed, This gives a smooth ride and reduces the wear of the suspension components.
   The suspension can be made stiff and soft. Can be used in many modes like sports mode and comfort mode etc.


Disadvantages of air suspension

   High cost, It is mostly used in luxury vehicles.
   Maintenance is a bit difficult, Care should be taken not to leak the air spring.
   Fuel efficiency will be lower. The air compressor consumes energy to work, from the engine or battery.

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