Leaf spring suspension explained; The pros and cons of leaf spring

Air suspension and leaf spring suspension are the two most commonly used suspension systems in heavy vehicles. Air suspension is a little bit expensive, so we usually see a leaf spring suspension system in most heavy vehicles.

This article will give you an idea of ​​the leaf spring suspension system and its advantages and disadvantages.


Components of the leaf spring suspension

The following are the main components of a leaf spring suspension system,


The structure of the leaf spring suspension is similar to that of metal plates stacked one on top of the other. Each metal plate arranged in this way is called a leaf.

If there is only one leaf in the suspension system they are called the mono leaf and if there is more than one leaf it is called multi-leaf spring suspension. As the number of leaf increases, the suspension system becomes stiff and strong. 

Steel varieties are commonly used to make leaf springs, But composite metals are also used for making leaf springs instead of steel.

The metal plate that is placed on the top of the leaf spring suspension system is called the master leaf. The two ends of this master leaf are connected to the frame of the vehicle. The two circular edges of the master leaf that connect to the frame are called the eye. One end is fixed and the other end is arranged in such a way that it can be moved.


The leaf elongates as the vehicle moves through the humb, This is because the leaf spring is arranged in a semi-circular shape. This is why one end of the master leaf is attached to the frame in such a way that it can be moved. The part used to connect the leaf to the frame in such a way is called the shackle.

Center bolt

In a multi-leaf structure, the leafs are stacked one on top of the other. These are secured with a center bolt through a hole in the center of the leaf. ie, the leafs are fastened with a bolt, the bolt used for this is known as the center bolt.

Rebound clip

The center part of the leaf is fastened with the center bolt. But it is not enough, so the leafs are tightened with rebound clips which help to avoid slipping of leafs. the rebound clips are placed in multiple areas, to protect the leaf.

U bolt

The leaf spring is connected to the axle by a U bolt. In some vehicles the axle is mounted above the leaf spring, such type is called over slung spring. But, in some vehicles, the axle is mounted below the leaf spring, that type of arrangement is called the underslung spring.

Advantages of leaf spring

   Load-carrying capacity is high, so it is mostly used in heavy vehicles.
   The manufacturing cost and the maintenance cost are relatively low because of their simple design.
   Long life.


Disadvantages of leaf spring

   Riding comfort is bad.
   Limited modifications.

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